Monday, November 28, 2011

Two Races, One Weekend

This year I had a very fit Thanksgiving Day weekend. It started out on Thursday with a home grown 5K organized by a neighbor, and ended on Sunday with a local Half Marathon, Space Coast Marathon and Half Marathon, in my home town. I ran them both, one was much more pleasant that the other, but both were fun.

This was my first 5K ever, and because it was a local neighborhood event I was able to run it with my daughter on her scooter by my side and my husband and my son (on his roller blades) up ahead of me. It was a great experience for all involved, it was a great feeling to get up early Thanksgiving morning and get your blood flowing with your friends, family and neighbors. I was surprised to see how many turned out (about 50) and how many children got up early and came out to run.

The run also made me realize how many people put up their Christmas Decorations before Thanksgiving (UGH!!!) I had not even started thinking about that until this race.

It also gave me a chance to think about what I am thankful for, and the usual thoughts came up, family, friends, health etc., but I also took note that I am thankful to live in a such a community that we can do things like this, and I am thankful that my family shares my love of running with me, it was great fun to experience this race with them.

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